Depy Kyritsi

For more than 15 years now, I’ve been across the whole spectrum of creative roles (senior designer, art director, creative director, head of digital, marcomms director etc) with more than 10 years in management roles, leading designers, developers, producers, UX architects & marketing execs. I’m not only managing successfully teams but also a very hands on person in everything related to design, UX, branding etc.

I was lucky enough to work across a diverse variety of international projects in agency environments and client side. While my passion is digital, I’m fully fluent across the whole range of needs (web, mobile, apps & software, print, branding etc).

Email me on depy [at]

Selected Clients

Citibank US
Barcelona FC
British Airways
Wind Telecommunication
Phillips Electronics N.V.
Fujitsu Limited - Siemens AG
Destinator Technologies INC
Greek State Museum of Contemporary Art

The Cookie Campaign
The Cookie Campaign
The Cookie Campaign
The Cookie Campaign
The Cookie Campaign

The Cookie Campaign

A Below the line campaign to support Adlux dispaly product launch. This brilliant package with an actual chocolate chip cookie was distributed to 1.000 media buyers around Australia. In addition the campaign was connected with a custom landing page to welcome and guide partisipants and the social media to mesure the reseption of the audience. Warm reception is the least it can describe comments like ..

“Really impressed with AdLux’s innovative targeting capabilities and niche sites.”
“Great product, just waiting on sign off from client!”
“I would love to hear about new Adlux products.“
“That was hands down one of the tastiest cookies I have ever eaten in my life. I am considering eating my account director’s cookie as well. “
”Great branding and video! Thanks!!!”
”Top cookie!”
”Yummy Cookies! :)”
“Hi There, Keen for an overview on Adlux.”
”Good promotion”
“Smart media planners need smart targeting tools in order to execute smart media campaigns – and these smart cookies need smart media partners like Adlux! :)”